Ali Kupkenov — New Director at Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives

Date of publication: 30 September 2021

Ali Iskenderovich Kupkenov has become the new Director at Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (TOMZEL, subsidiary of Transneft Western Siberia) The decision on his appointment was made at an extraordinary meeting of the plant's shareholders.

A.I. Kupkenov graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, majoring in Design, Construction and Operation of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Oil and Gas Storage Facilities. 

He has more than ten years of work experience in Transneft system. He began his career as a processing units repairman at the Ryazan Oil Pumping Station, the Ryazan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate of Verkhnevolzhsknefteprovod (since 2014 — Transneft - Upper Volga). From January 2019 to September 2021, he was Head of the Central Production Service Shop (a branch of Transneft Western Siberia).

During his work in the oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation industry, Mr. Kupkenov has received corporate awards, including commendations from Transneft and Transneft Western Siberia.