Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives Volunteers Conduct Blood Donation Campaign

Date of publication: 07 July 2021

Volunteers of Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (TOMZEL, a subsidiary of Transneft Western Siberia) have organised an on-site blood donation campaign. In total, the event was attended by 86 employees of the plant. 

As a result, 25 litres of blood were collected. The blood will undergo an additional examination procedure and then will be sent to regional medical institutions.

The on-site campaign was organised with the assistance of the Tomsk Regional Blood Centre and in strict observance of sanitary and public health requirements and standards.

Sergey Molokov, head of the blood and blood components banking department of the centre, expressed gratitude to the volunteers of TOMZEL. “A significant result of such events is the expansion of the donor base. About 45 percent of people who donate blood for the first time return to us. Thus, the very idea of donation is actively promoted as a noble cause of helping those who are in dire need of blood transfusion,” he said.

In addition, as part of the blood donation campaign, the company's employees organised a fundraiser for the five-year-old Polina Matveeva, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Many donors also donated the money they received for donating blood. The funds will be used to pay for the girl's rehabilitation.

Volunteering of employees is an important part of TOMZEL’s corporate culture. The volunteers take an active part in environmental, cultural, educational and sports events. Much attention is paid to rendering assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Traditionally, on the eve of May 9, volunteers collect funds and donate them to the Victory Regional Charity Fund. Donations are directed to the needs of applicants from among veterans, widows of the Great Patriotic War participants, homefront workers who are residents of Tomsk Region.