Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives Sells Products Worth RUB 364 Million in Q1 2021

Date of publication: 21 April 2021
According to the performance for Q1 2021, Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (TOMZEL) produced 686 units of products; the proceeds amounted to RUB 364.3 million. The plant’s production facilities allow to manufacture high-quality products which are distinguished by a high degree of reliability and represent modern technological developments.

More than 80% (570 units) of the total production volume are electric drives of various types. Industrial computers, liquid density transducers and explosion-proof lamps were also manufactured at the plant’s operating facilities. All manufactured products were delivered to Transneft subsidiaries as well as to third-party companies of the fuel and energy sector.

In addition, in Q1 2021, Diogen, a new type of improved device for breaking bottom sediments apart was launched into batch production. This equipment can operate in automatic and controlled modes. The functionality of the new Diogen allows to adjust the washout angle, perform washout taking into account the deposits’ relief, direct the jet to places of their greatest concentration. This allows to clean tanks’ bottoms from paraffin-sulfur deposits more effectively. In total, 4 pieces of the new equipment were produced from January to March.

TOMZEL continues to manufacture products according to its own research and development projects. In 2021, the plant expects to produce 42 low-voltage complete devices designed to provide electrical energy to construction sites in the field, as well as 355 explosion-proof cordless drills.

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TOMZEL, Transneft Western Siberia subsidiary, was founded in 1998. Its main business area is the development, production and maintenance of specialised products for fuel and energy sector companies. The plant includes 5 production buildings, the total area of which is about 10 thousand m2. The main partners of TOMZEL are Transneft subsidiaries, as well as other leading companies of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.