Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives Produces Products Worth RUB 1.6 Billion in 2020

Date of publication: 21 January 2021

Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (TOMZEL, a subsidiary of Transneft Western Siberia) has summed up its operational results for 2020. In total, more than 31 thousand units of products were produced for the needs of Transneft subsidiaries and external corporate costumers for the amount of more than RUB 1.6 billion.

The plant produces electric drives for stop and control valves, Diogen devices for breaking bottom sediments in tanks apart, fire-fighting monitor control systems, pipeline inspection gauges: calibrators, industrial computers, as well as specialised parts and equipment used for repair, revamping and construction of oil pipelines and petroleum products pipelines. 

In 2020, TOMZEL specialists, as part of the research and development (R&D) programme of Transneft, created 2 R&D developments: a test bench for electric drives and a set of temporary power supply (TPSS). The test bench allows checking the functionality of electric drives in full-fledged modes of simulating the operation of pipeline valves. The TPSS can operate outdoors at various temperature ranges and is used to organise temporary power supply during work at facilities of trunk pipelines from mobile power supply sources.

In addition, in 2020, TOMZEL mastered the production of 5 new products’ types. Prototypes of an explosion-proof liquid level float switch, a set of temporary power supply, an electric drive of general purpose industrial design were produced. Explosion-proof lamp and electric drill were launched into batch production. 

The lamp and the electric drill manufactured by TOMZEL are explosion-proof and have improved industrial safety characteristics. In addition, the design of the drill allows to replace the accumulator battery without leaving the explosive area. The lamp is characterised by low power consumption. In 2021, the plant plans to produce up to 296 explosion-proof LED lamps and 355 drills.

For reference:

TOMZEL (a subsidiary of Transneft Western Siberia) was founded in 1998. The main business area of the plant is the development, production and maintenance of specialised products for fuel and energy sector companies. The plant includes 5 production buildings, the total area of which is about 10 thousand m2. The main partners of TOMZEL are Transneft subsidiaries, as well as other leading companies of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.