Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives has shown its products in Kazakhstan

Date of publication: 12 October 2016 Print

TOMZEL (a subsidiary of Transneft Central Siberia) has presented a series-produced electric drive ЭПЦ-1000 В.20.М220 at the international exhibition KIOGE-2016 in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan).

The specified electric drive with electronic control unit at the present time is used at the most facilities of the entities of Transneft system. It allows performing closing and opening of valves flow area and shutdown of stop valve in any position by operator command from the control unit. Control of stop valve and automatic shutdown of manual override drive is performed with the help of the electric drive. As well the Tomsk electric drive allows specifying and saving codes of defects in nonvolatile memory of host module, reviewing the archive of accidents and transferring the archive of defects to the remote control station.

Besides the electric drive, visitors of the stand could have a look at the structure and operation of the plant with the help of electronic presentation.

Magzum Mirzagaliev, Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Nurtas Shmanov, Senior Vice President of NC KazMunayGas, and Kairgeldy Kabyldin, Deputy Director General of Caspian Pipeline Consortium, visited the Company’s stand at the date of the exhibition opening.

During the exhibition negotiations with representatives of companies interested in the plant’s products, producing and selling pipeline valves (Valco Group), and negotiations with the heads of the engineering department and technical specialists of KazTransOil were conducted.

As the result of the negotiations, preliminary agreement was reached on conducting a presentation of the products and production capacity of TOMZEL in the territory of KazTransOil for the purpose of specifying the Tomsk plant’s production requirement and its further applying at the facilities of KazTransOil.